10 Rules

Sometimes, life happened. And change us. That has what happened to me so far. World I knew has been fallen apart. Everything i built, crush.. I become someone I never thought I would. I like it, because I am emocional stronger and mature. No more purple sunglasses on my eyes. World isn’t that great in … More 10 Rules

Perfect Match

And then he suddenly stopped the film, looked at me and he puts his hands on my face. For the first time in my life.And for the first time in my life i felt that thrill. His touch awoke some disturbance in me and i wanted him more than anything. We were so close to … More Perfect Match


Love. It’s supposed to motivate us, get us going, right? It’s all around us if you have the ability to see it. Love is supposed to be beautiful, in pink and light blue. We’re supposed to feel it in the air, in every breath and every word. We should. Which doesn’t make it so. There … More Endless

Spring Love

It’s nice to get out of bed and see the sun on the sky, birds singing and snowdrops blossom. I spent all winter in depression because all days are cold and gray and boring. That’s why spring is my favourite season. Days are longer and warmer. With that on mind, here I come. Finally I’m … More Spring Love


Hey guys. I’m so sorry for not posting lately. Here is explanation. So I moved out from Zagreb (finally, I don’t like Zagreb so much, you know) and I had to clean my new apartment and to arrange all my things. I have so much things, I don’t even knew it. So it take a time … More InstaBlogger

10 Facts About Me

  When you don’t know what to write, facts are ALWAYS good idea. So here is some facts about me.   I LOVE TO COOK! When I’ve been at home with my parents, I never ever cooked literally anything. Now I cook twice a day . It relaxes me, you know. My favourites are the … More 10 Facts About Me

Winter Style

It’s winter. Snow is already melting and nothing looks so pretty as it looked like. Except me. I’m joking. Maybe. This week was very interesting for me, I had something every day, I wasn’t at home at all. Yesterday we had a photosession and I hope you’ll like the pictures like I do. I wanted … More Winter Style

This Year…

My dearest, its been a while, hasn’t it? Well I’m here now and I’m writing to you about my expectations in 2017, and there are a lot of them. First thing’s first, i bought myself a camera so i could go anywhere alone without being dependent on someone. Or i could go with my boyfriend. … More This Year…

December favorites

Prvi post samo za cure. I jedino za one dečke koji ne znaju što bi kupili svojim curama pod bor. Stiže pomoć. Svaki si mjesec izdvojim od plaće par stotina kuna, ne puno, na šminku, perfem ili cipele. Ovaj mjesec je Božić, pa smo dečko i ja bili u božićnom shoppingu tako da svi dobiju … More December favorites