Name or coincidence?

Last week started really productive. Maya and I were sitting somewhere downtown drinking coffee after a long weekend, talking to Ella and Atea over Whatsapp video call. However, first week and a half in a new town brought us new excitements,friendships and lovers. We were talking about names. Here is why… Four years ago i … More Name or coincidence?


I don’t know who is to blame. I strongly refuse to acknowledge my fault, but he knew very well what he was getting himself into and what he was doing. He knew he belonged to someone else, but still somewhat desired me. And I knew it all perfectly well. I knew that someone was waiting … More Second

Control Freak?

If a guy that I hang around with for a longer time calls me when I leave his restaurant, after he was busy serving the guests and then calls half an hour later to ask why I left without saying goodbye, is he checking up on me? I tough it was really nice of him, … More Control Freak?

Boys (and girls)

Some of my girlfriends have boys they fool around with. For months. And that would all be great if those boys didn´t have longterm girlfriends. All of us are advocating karma and we cant wait to see it all come back to us and hit us right in the head. Those girls who do it, … More Boys (and girls)

10 Rules

Sometimes, life happened. And change us. That has what happened to me so far. World I knew has been fallen apart. Everything i built, crush.. I become someone I never thought I would. I like it, because I am emocional stronger and mature. No more purple sunglasses on my eyes. World isn’t that great in … More 10 Rules

Perfect Match

And then he suddenly stopped the film, looked at me and he puts his hands on my face. For the first time in my life.And for the first time in my life i felt that thrill. His touch awoke some disturbance in me and i wanted him more than anything. We were so close to … More Perfect Match


Love. It’s supposed to motivate us, get us going, right? It’s all around us if you have the ability to see it. Love is supposed to be beautiful, in pink and light blue. We’re supposed to feel it in the air, in every breath and every word. We should. Which doesn’t make it so. There … More Endless

Spring Love

It’s nice to get out of bed and see the sun on the sky, birds singing and snowdrops blossom. I spent all winter in depression because all days are cold and gray and boring. That’s why spring is my favourite season. Days are longer and warmer. With that on mind, here I come. Finally I’m … More Spring Love


Hey guys. I’m so sorry for not posting lately. Here is explanation. So I moved out from Zagreb (finally, I don’t like Zagreb so much, you know) and I had to clean my new apartment and to arrange all my things. I have so much things, I don’t even knew it. So it take a time … More InstaBlogger

10 Facts About Me

  When you don’t know what to write, facts are ALWAYS good idea. So here is some facts about me.   I LOVE TO COOK! When I’ve been at home with my parents, I never ever cooked literally anything. Now I cook twice a day . It relaxes me, you know. My favourites are the … More 10 Facts About Me