Name or coincidence?

Last week started really productive. Maya and I were sitting somewhere downtown drinking coffee after a long weekend, talking to Ella and Atea over Whatsapp video call. However, first week and a half in a new town brought us new excitements,friendships and lovers.

We were talking about names. Here is why…

Four years ago i was having fun for a short time with a guy named Antun and i always had fun with him. Going on coffee, walkes around town and the most important,sex. Eight months after him i started to hang with another Antun and i still can’t decide witch was better, being so different in so many things except their name and ability in bed. First one was my age and the other was eight years older. One kinda dumb, other refresingly smart. One didn’t one to go to college after high school while the other one finished college and had a really good job,big ambitions and expectations. Then for a certen time i didn’t have any Antun’s in my life. The next one you know. I wrote about him in couple of my previous blogs and you know that i had a great time with him,even tho he was a control freak and taken. So… Three Antun’s in my life and with every single one of them the seks was great. That got me thinking… Could it be the name? Plus! Atea’s boyfriend is also named Antun and she says the seks is amazing. So it could be the name?! Can a name actually determine someones libido and sexuality?

Maya had three Philips in her life and she says that it’s hard to say witch one was better. She also had two Peters. None of the two were any good. Coincidence? Or is it to common to be a coincidence?

And the new guys in our lifes… Enough is to say mine is named Antun. Maannnn….. This one is not a control freak, he is not taken(yes i can’t belive it too),he is older,good job and smart. For now,perfect but all of them are in the begining right? It doesn’t take me long to start developing feelings towords someone but when i do i make myself run no matter what becouse i don’t want to go trough all the same stuff again. Yes, the beginings are always great but after six months they all get to casual and all the things you didn’t look at like a flaw now you do. But this post isn’t about relationships but how a name affects abilities in bed.

So i have a question for all the girls out there but boys are welcome to give theirs honest answer too. Have you ever slept with two persons sharing the same name and how was it? Answers send in dm on Instagram @lucialucija !!
I can’t wait for your response.

So three weeks later my mind is far from thinking about names but just one question is in my mind all the time. How did this happen? I feel for a man for whom i thought i won’t and that i have everything under control,all the strings are in my hands but as usual they are not and am scared. I can like people. LIKE THEM! But in principal i don’t fall in love. I have a feeling that i betrayed my girls with what I’ve done but maybe I’ve also betrayed myself because it happened so fast. So what to do? Should i stay or should i run? But the sex, ufff… Everything about him is perfect. I told you. I find a perfect guy. Name or not i don’t care, i just want it to last. Perfect illusion. I feel good and so nice when am with him. I have to admit, this is the first Antun that made me feel like this. Oh God, am screwed….

P.S. say hay to 2nd runner up to Miss Glamour Croatia 2017.!

Love you all!

Here is some new pictures.



Mirna Bartolić photo


Denis Humić photo


Tomislav Kovačić photo


Mirna Bartolić photo


Mirna Bartolić photo


I was so shocked when they said my name!


And now… crown is mine. 🙂



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