Control Freak?

If a guy that I hang around with for a longer time calls me when I leave his restaurant, after he was busy serving the guests and then calls half an hour later to ask why I left without saying goodbye, is he checking up on me? I tough it was really nice of him, but later that day I got together with my girls, and all three told me that I have to tell him to ease up a notch and cool down a bit, that he cant control me like that.  Maybe it’s a bit my fault because I have a little crush on him, and because I can’t behave like a guy does. You know, sleep with one I don’t have feelings for and well, I am with him because the sex is good.
Later that week I treated myself to a more then few glasses of red bull vodka, and saw him get in a car with another girl. I had all the right to ask him later who that girl was, because when he can check up on me then I can do the same. But I didn’t.
Then I caught myself crying half a hour later in the bathroom, and Maya is comforting me and telling me that I deserve better, a guy that will be only mine and not everybody. And I don’t want to be one of those girls who fall in love with a extra hot guy and just look at him all day and don’t let themselves look at other hot guys while that stud leaves in the car with other girls and drives around with them who knows where. Did we really come to that? To fall in love and just be blindsided?
No, I can’t go trough that again, cause I was in two relationships like that and now I want to be alone and enjoy life. And I always keep falling for some no good guys who have the best looks in the world, and all of those are the biggest assholes. Assholes who have a girlfriend, one on the side for sex, and a third they have for a ride home and probably for sex too, and I know these guys don’t know how to be only with one girl.

Who needs that? And how can we let ourselves fall for a guy like that?
And you already know the story how Maya is sleeping with a guy who’s taken? We all should be like Maya, she has sex like a guy does. Just pure sex, no feelings.
Atea can’t do that, she told us. She had a few guys that came along, but later she realized that it wasn’t for her, she found a guy to whom she is faithful (and he is faithful to her!!!!!).
Ella can’t really answer the question because she herself doesn’t know if she can have sex like a guy does. I mean, I can. Once. And everyone goes their own way.

But if it happens two times, I get hooked. Is that normal?
And he, when he started to control me. Yes, I admitted to myself that he is possessively jealous and a control freak. Because when I came to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat, I asked a buddy of his for a cigarette, cause I left my at home he came bursting from the kitchen and told me to ask him If I need something, not his friend.
Like ”why do you have to ask him anything, I am here”. And everytime I order a red bull vodka, he has these jokes like ”no Lucija, I won’t serve you alcohol” You won’t? I came to eat and have a drink with my girls. I came to fill your register, and you are obligated
to serve me anything I want when I want it.

And concerning Maya and Mr. Taken, I wonder how she doesn’t ask herself what do the mornings of the guy with his girlfriend have opposed to her own, and she wakes up alone? What does she have that Maya doesn’t?
And how does it not bother Maya, these lonely morning, being the second or third choice? It doesn’t even matter. How can she enjoy casual sex with a guy who will later take her back home because she cant stay there because you know who sleeps in that bed.

Maybe it’s me? Maybe I am overly jealous too when I ask myself these questions? Or maybe I can do it like that too? The girls and I agreed that it’s time to find out! And of course, tell you about the results.

Oh, and new photos are here. Enjoy (like we do)!!

Lucija. x



P.S. Special hay to my friend’s boss. 🙂

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