10 Rules

Sometimes, life happened. And change us.

That has what happened to me so far. World I knew has been fallen apart. Everything i built, crush.. I become someone I never thought I would. I like it, because I am emocional stronger and mature. No more purple sunglasses on my eyes. World isn’t that great in purple. The true is you’ve born and you’ll die.  Everything alse has been a lie. No real friends, no real loves. Everyone, absolutely everyone are waiting for your mastake to make fun of you, to stab the knife in your back. On the end, who will you trust? Just yourself. You won’t betrayed yourself. I’ve been on the graund, but I’ve always rose to the sky.  And know, whan I’m rosed, I feel better. It was a matter of time.

And that the reason why I was gone.

I’m working just for summer, I met so many people, but I met myself too.

After summer, I’m going back to Zagreb. I notices how much I miss that town, his street, people and culture. Everyting I used to have and everything I used to dream of, everything change. Friends, feelings, thinking, opinions, happiness.

And here we go, 10 things I learned in my 21 years of life:

  1. Life is hard

Life woundn’t be as you planed. But, that ok, because you can’t make plans and do work by it. Something would break, split in a hundred pieces. That’s life and the true is, after rain sun will always shine.

  1. No one will stay forever

How many people has been in your life? Yes, you don’t know the number.

  1. Live

When, if not know? Go out, do things you don’t have bolls, what will you say to yourself what you grown old, what have you do as young. What will you say? How you gonna explain it?

  1. Let the people talk

If people say a lot of things about you, specialy lies, it means you’re wort. I’ve been lisening so many things about myself, but I never knew why do they that. What’s the point? If you’re young, pretty and happy, if you say no to someone, or if you just won’t hang out with someone, the problems has became.. and stories. But now, when I heard something bad and not true about myself, I don’t care. I smile to them, give them the extra, make story juicier and go away.

  1. Karma

Everything returns. There is no need to revenge, there is someone watching it. Someone calls it God, I call it Karma.

  1. Smile is important

Absolutely every living human being I ever met has told me that I always laung. I for real, I do that, because no one really cares about your problems in life. So, smile on your face, and when you’re alone cry, scream and freak out. Never in front of someone alse.

  1. Dream

If you have dreams, you can do samething. You can make you dreams came true. Slow steps, but can. Not easy, but can! Remember that.

  1. Be selfish

Somethins, that’s the right way. It’s ok to thing just about yourself and but your self on the first place. You deserve that, and more.

  1. Money is important

With what will you go out, go shopping, go to the new towns, travel? With money. Word to have money, live to spend it. With the smile on face.

  1. No negative energy

Try to avoid pesimist people, people who always talk about problems, people who are always sad and  uninterested. Don’t be like that!


And for the end… one selfish photo. With smile on my face!

See you soon, I promise!



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