Perfect Match

And then he suddenly stopped the film, looked at me and he puts his hands on my face. For the first time in my life.And for the first time in my life i felt that thrill. His touch awoke some disturbance in me and i wanted him more than anything.
We were so close to each other. I felt his breath on my lips. And suddenly it became clear to me that nothing is more important to me than this feeling that he awoke in me. He laughed so you could barely see it.
“What are we going to do my love?”
“I think about it for a very long time…”, I whispered.
He leaned on and I closed my eyes. I thought that if I close my eyes he wouldn’t be able to read my thoughts.
But he could.
He pressed his lips on mine, and everything that I wanted to hide, came out to light.
“It’s alright”, he whispered to my ear and pulled me into his arms. I felt that thrill again and laughed to myself. Everything that I dreamed about is actually happening. And I knew it and I felt it.
I was completely and irrevocably sure that I’m in love with this man who took away my breath just with his appearance.
I leaned my head on to his shoulder and took a deep breath and all i felt was his irresistible smell.
Then I decided: once I’ll tell him what kind of the feelings he awoke in me.

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