Love. It’s supposed to motivate us, get us going, right? It’s all around us if you have the ability to see it. Love is supposed to be beautiful, in pink and light blue. We’re supposed to feel it in the air, in every breath and every word. We should. Which doesn’t make it so.

There are different types of love, and here we’ll talk about the one between two people stupid enough to understand that they like each other, but “they“ never happened. And never will. Which is sad. To deprive yourself from what should be your destiny, your path in life, because of something or someone. I already mentioned this before “how to start something that is just not meant to be“, but… What if it is? What if it’s meant to be, what if it would be something rare, that no one has, and everyone wants? And how to start that?

Everything makes sense when you have someone who motivates you, someone you couldn’t get enough of in 12 or 112 years. Someone you talk about everything, and not the same things over and over again. Someone who can put the smile on your face in every situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if, even when that person just looks at you, all the pain goes away?

I’m a dreamer. I got carried away by novels and romantic movies. I dream the impossible, expect too much and over-the-top things. Love is not like in the novels. Love is not at all like the ones we see in movies. No. Love is cruel. Did you see all the bad stuff there? I think so too.

I want all of it. Everyone wants the things we look at, the things we read about or dream about. Why are we silent when it comes to love? Why don’t we do the things we want?

What would you do if weren’t afraid???

Everyone is meant to be with someone.

Who are you meant to be with?


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