Hey guys. I’m so sorry for not posting lately. Here is explanation.

So I moved out from Zagreb (finally, I don’t like Zagreb so much, you know) and I had to clean my new apartment and to arrange all my things. I have so much things, I don’t even knew it. So it take a time to put it all together. I’m sorry.


Okay, so many people asked me one question. Why don’t you travel more often?

Let me explain it to you.

I’m not getting paid for it and when I travel I have to pay for everything. I try to talk with hotels and some of them agree with letting me stay there for a mention in my blog. But it is only a hotel! So I need to cover up a ticket, food and stuff.

So blogging isn’t cheap business at the beginning. It takes about ten months or more to some important people notice you. I have to go to London soon and I’m still not sure will I’ll be able to.

My point is: I’m not traveler like all that travel bloggers you follow on Instagram, because they have people behind them. But! I hope I will be. Once.

You know I idolize blogs like Ohh Couture and Glam&Glitter but there is so much work, you can’t even imagine.

Nice to chat with you, people.

See you soon.



One thought on “InstaBlogger

  1. That’s interesting – good luck on your travels – maybe call ahead to the cities you travel too and pitch your way into some free stuff? Just food for thought.


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